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Madrid wins the 'Thinking Cities' Award thanks to the MoveUs project

Annual Polis Conference

The 'Thinking Cities' Award was presented to the city of Madrid on 1 December at the 2016 Polis Conference in Rotterdam. Sergio Fernández Balaguer from EMT Madrid (Empresa Municipal de Transportes de Madrid) received the prize for his inspiring and valuable presentation on smart mobility solutions implemented in Madrid by the MoveUs project.

With the Thinking Cities Award, Polis and H3B Media reward a Polis member city or region that delivered a presentation at the 2016 Polis Conference which features new solutions that help to tackle today’s urban mobility challenges.

At the official Polis conference dinner on 1 December, Polis Secretary General Karen Vancluysen revealed Sergio Fernandez Balaguer from EMT Madrid as the winner. Besides the Thinking Cities trophy and certificate, the winning city also received one month of unlimited downloads of the Bike Citizens App from CEO Daniel Kofler. If promoted well, this can get the city thousands of people to route and track their bicycle trips. At the end of the period, the city will be provided with user statistics, before and after heat maps, along with insights into how the collected data can be interpreted and used to optimise cycling policies.

Smart crossing to improve pedestrians’ safety and comfort:

This year’s winning city innovation focuses on user-driven smart cities solutions that aim to improve and enhance the citizen’s mobility experience. One of the solutions presented was a smart crossing service, which not only allows pedestrians to activate a request for green light, but also takes into account the real-time status of the intersection, detects pedestrians, directly interacts with the traffic control centre and extends the green phase if needed, with the overall aim to improve pedestrians’ safety and comfort.

Madrid’s bus priority service then, prioritises delayed buses at selected crossings in order to optimise travel time and frequency, and that way also the efficiency of this mode of transport. Thirdly, the trip planning and infomobility service calculates the best multimodal journey option, taking into account different parameters such as time, energy efficiency, incentives, user preferences, and this for different modes. These tools were developed in the framework of the MoveUs project (

The award winner was chosen among all abstracts that were submitted by Polis members for the 2016 Polis Conference. The Thinking Cities Award is associated to ‘Thinking Cities’ magazine, which showcases urban transport innovation in practice from European cities and beyond, and is published by Polis and H3B media twice a year.

Sustainable mobility through ITS - Moveus Final Event

SA203 Auditorio, Sähkötalo, TUT (Korkeakoulunkatu 3)

Kestävää liikkumista älyliikenteen avulla -Moveus-projektin loppuseminaari / Sustainable mobility through ITS - Moveus Final Event

Aika / Time: Tiistai 20.9.2016, klo 9-12 / Tuesday 20th of September, 9-12

Paikka / Place: SA203 Auditorio, Sähkötalo, TTY (Korkeakoulunkatu 3) / SA203 Auditorio, Sähkötalo, TUT (Korkeakoulunkatu 3

Lisätietoja ja ilmoittautuminen: Elli Kotakorpi,

- 9:00 Ilmoittautuminen/ Arrival and registration
- 9:15 Tervetuloa & taustaa / Welcome and opening (Elli Kotakorpi, projektipäällikkö, Tampereen kaupunki)
- 9:25 Älyliikenne Tampereella (Mika Kulmala, projektipäällikkö, Tampereen kaupunki)
- 9:40 Value proposition of MoveUs: Results, benefits, competitive advantage (Angelica Nieto, researcher, TUT)
- 10:00 MoveUs services: Introduction from Ignacio Olabarrieta (Tecnalia)
- 10:30 Kahvitauko / Coffee break
- 11:00 MoveUs App demonstration, Video presentation
- 11:15 Key business insights on MoveUs (Angelica Nieto, researcher, TTY)
- 11:30 Liikennekäyttäytymiseen vaikuttaminen ja älyliikenteen palvelut (Sara Lukkarinen, asiantuntija, Motiva)
- 11:50 Kysymyksiä ja keskusteluja / Questions and answers
- 12:15 Yhteenveto /Final conclusions and future developments – (Elli Kotakorpi, Tampereen kaupunki)
- 13:30-15:00 Työpaja: Kestävää liikkumista älyliikenteen avulla o Työpajassa arvioidaan Moveus-sovelluksen ja astaavantyyppisten työkalujen potentiaalia muuttaa ihmisten liikennekäyttäytymistä ja tuottaa energian säästöä kaupunkiliikenteessä


Empresa Municipal de Transportes de Madrid - Salón de Actos - C/Cerro de la Plata 4, 1ª planta

El proyecto MoveUs llega a su fin y organizamos el evento final en Madrid para compartir los resultados del proyecto.

El evento tendrá lugar el próximo miércoles 14 de septiembre, de 9 a 12:30 horas, en el salón de actos de la Empresa Municipal de Transportes de Madrid (C/Cerro de la Plata 4, 1ª planta).

Este proyecto, basado en servicios de información en nube, ha desarrollado una aplicación con distintas funcionalidades que pretenden proporcionar una herramienta en el campo de la movilidad y el transporte para aumentar la conciencia social, reducir la polución y las emisiones, y mejorar la calidad del aire, consiguiendo asimismo una mejora en la calidad de vida dentro de las áreas urbanas. En el proyecto han participado socios de toda europea, aplicando las soluciones en tres ciudades piloto: Tampere (Finlandia), Génova (Italia) y Madrid (España).

A las funciones normales de un planificador se le han añadido nuevas opciones que ayudan, por ejemplo, a comparar dos alternativas de transporte o que permiten sumar puntos (simulados) por los viajes en función de su grado de sostenibilidad, mostrando datos sobre su eficiencia energética. Así mismo, en el caso del piloto de la ciudad de Madrid, se han desarrollado dos funcionalidades que pueden resultar de gran interés en cualquier área urbana y desde el punto de vista de la gestión que realiza un ayuntamiento:

• Un sistema que proporciona prioridad semafórica al autobús
• Un sistema de cruce inteligente de peatones, que reconoce cuando se está cruzando un paso de cebra para proporcionar mayor tiempo al peatón (especialmente pensado para colectivos vulnerables).

Así mismo, en la jornada se contará con la participación de un representante de la Comisión Europea experto en financiación europea, y al finalizar se ofrecerá un aperitivo por cortesía del proyecto.

Genova Smart Week: Incentives for behavioural changes in mobility

Fondazione Edoardo Garrone - Via San Luca, 2 - 16124 Genoa

MoveUs project in collaboration with the Mobility and Transport Department of the Municipality of Genoa will be organizing a special session on "Incentives for behavioural changes in mobility" on 27th May, 2016 during the Genova Smart Week. The details of the event is available at

Tampere Test users kick-off event

Tipotie Health Centre; Tipotie 4, Tampere

The testing of the Moveus-journey planner starts off with a kick-off event organized for the test users. In the kick-off event the test users will be introduced to the schedule and the contents of the testing phase. The incentives and the services (journey planner and energy efficiency calculator) developed for the application will be presented by the City of Tampere and the Technical University of Tampere.

The kick-off event is an essential part of the whole test phase. This way the test users will get the information needed for the testing, but will also be brought together to be part of the Moveus-application “testing team”.

1st MOVESMART workshop

Univ. of Deusto / Bilbao / Spain

MoveUs will participate in the 1st MOVESMART workshop focused on renewable mobility services in smart cities: Challenges, approaches and social aspects

Topics/research areas:
• Renewable mobility in smart cities.
• Social networking in transportation
• Use of crowd-sourcing techniques for transport data collection
• Reliability in crowd sourcing systems
• Multimodal and time-dependent route planning
• Incentivised vehicle-sharing
• Mobility on demand (MoD)
• Energy efficiency in transportation
• Cloud-based mobility services

2nd Collaboration Workshop - STREETLIFE


MoveUs will be participating in the second cooperation workshop organized by the STREETLIFE project consortium in Trento (Host: FBK) on the 14. October 2015 with focus on experience exchange about: User engagement, Participation issues, tracking of the user itinerary with detection of mode of transport and adjustment.

Third Living Lab workshop of MoveUs Project organized in EMT headquarters in Madrid.

EMT Premises / Madrid / Spain

The third Living Lab workshop of the European R&D Project MoveUs has taken place on September the 25th 2015 in EMT headquarters in Madrid, aimed at evaluating the platform developed, especially the platform modules and the functionalities and services offered. The workshop was organized by EMT, SICE and TECNALIA, and headed by the General Directorate of Traffic Management and Monitoring of Madrid City Council.

Key representatives of the areas of mobility, transport and environment, as well as representatives of universities and users organizations, openly shared their opinion in the platform potentiality and recommendations about the possible business models for exploitation. It is to highlight the participation of representatives from the General Directorate of Traffic Management and Monitoring, and the General Subdirectorate of Sustainability of Madrid City Council, from the Area of Government of Presidency, Citizen Safety and Mobility of Mostoles City Council, from the Area of Environment of the Regional Government of Transport in Madrid, and members from the Road Spanish Association, Juan Carlos I University professors and cycling users represented by Pedalibre association and Conbici initiative.