Tampere Snapshot

Tampere Snapshot About The Living Lab Environment

  • Third biggest City in Finland with about 220 000 inhabitants.
  • Tampere is located in the middle part of Finland, 180 kilometers north of Helsinki, the capital of Finland.
  • The city center is situated in a narrow neck between two big lakes (Näsijärvi and Pyhäjärvi) and there are only few possibilities to travel in east-west -direction.
  • City of Tampere has a long history with smart mobility and in Tampere mobility management; traffic management, telematics and smart mobility services have been used for keeping the traffic network efficient and safe.
  • Increasing the share of cycling, walking and public transport is the main goal of developing the traffic system in Tampere.
  • The Moveus Tampere pilot will facilitate this process by providing mobility information in an integrated and easy-to-use way, through user’s mobile devices. The multimodal journey planner will integrate cycling, public transport and car route information and provide energy and carbon footprint metering for the different transportation modes in order to motivate people to increase the energy efficiency of their mobility choices.